Safe Place.

An Alexa Skill that remembers the important things for you

Ever forgotten the safe place you put your passport last year? Now you can get Alexa to remember for you!

Safe Place is an Alexa Skill that remembers where you put those important things for you, simply tell Safe Place where the item is and Alexa will do the rest.

Alexa, tell Safe Place my passport is in the safe
Alexa, ask Safe Place to remember that my certificate is in the desk drawer

When you next come to need the item simply ask Safe Place where it is or if it's been so long you've forgotten what she's remembering for you just ask where all your things are.

Alexa, ask Safe Place where's my passport?
Alexa, ask Safe Place where my things are

Want to update the location of an item? Simply tell Safe Space the new location the same way you told her where it was before, the old location will be forgotten and replaced with the new.

You can also ask Safe Place to forget the location of a specific item or eveything that you've asked to be remembered. Be careful though, there's no way to recall where something is once she's forgotten!

Alexa, tell Safe Place to forget my passport
Alexa, tell Safe Place forget me

Enable Safe Place for your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot now

Need some help with Safe Place? Drop me a tweet.

Icon made using assets created by: Freepik from www.flaticon.com, licensed by CC 3.0 BY and Pixel Buddha from www.flaticon.com, licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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